Umbilical cord care: How To take Care Of your baby to Avoid Infections

Umbilical cord care is very crucial for newborn babies and mothers should take optimal care while nursing their babies. Baby’s umbilical cord is clipped right after birth to separate the baby from the mother. ones the cord has been clipped, it takes time before the remnant withers and falls off to leave behind a belly button.

From experience, we can at least agree that umbilical cord nursing is the last thing we have in mind especially for first-time mums.

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What is Umbilical cord care?

Basically, the umbilical cord acts as the connection through the mum and the baby while it’s still in the womb.

This connection helps in feeding the baby and passing the oxygen, but when the baby is finally born, the cord has to be clipped and what is left is a small cord which is mostly supported with a special “peg” or stump.

You need to take good care of it till it falls off showing that it is finally healed leaving behind the belly button.

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Umbilical cord careLooking back at how things have been in the past, I can say umbilical cord care has changed a lot over time. From the using of saliva to clean it to using breast milk, that is according to traditional ways of doing things to now using the medically sterile liquids that are given in hospitals after delivery.

Well according to what the doctor will give you to use as a cleanser, there are ways that you are supposed to handle the whole process.

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In this article, I will give you tips on how to make sure that the healing takes less time and also this helps in avoiding infection.

See the tips that you are supposed to use until the umbilical cord falls off.

How To Take Care Of umbilical Cord In Newborns

Here are expert tips on how to take care of your baby’s umbilical cord in a way that will avoid infections, and enhance the withering process.

Umbilical cord care

1: Keep the area clean 

Proper hygiene should be maintained on the umbilical stump, basically using the sterile liquid you are given at the hospital, you should make sure you clean the area well to avoid infection from the healing wound.

When cleaning the area you should always use a clean sponge, cotton wool or a clean soft cloth.

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2: Be careful while bathing the baby

The umbilical stump is always very sensitive with water which can make the wound take long to heal, so you should be careful while giving the baby a proper birth.

To avoid this you can sponge birth the baby until the stump finally falls off.

3: Be cautious while dressing the baby

At this early stage, the umbilical cord is the most sensitive part of your baby’s body. It may act as a hindrance while you are dressing the baby.

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You should, however, make sure that the little one wears the diapers in such a way that the cord stamp remains in the air and it is not tampered with.

Also, you should always make sure that the place is as open as possible and dress the baby in a motion that will not tamper with it.

4: Let it fall off naturally

After making sure that the stump is well cleaned, not tampered with and is out of any water while washing the baby, you should let it fall on its own. Some might take time but do not attempt anything on your own. In case the stump takes time to fall off than expected see a doctor.

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