Things No one Might Have Told You As A First Time Mum.

As they say, life does not come with a manual, neither does motherhood. Although it might sound like a normal thing, after my experience of being a first-time mum I bet and how I wish that some tips which are obviously almost the same to every mum should be shared to avoid culture shock and sometimes extreme things like postnatal depression.

Being a mum is something that every mum anticipate for and all that comes to our minds when we imagine of it are the cute little smiles from the baby, the unconditional heavenly smells from the little one, the calm experience of small tiny adorable clothes and all the precious time bonding time when asleep and when the baby breastfeeds. But wait, this is just the icing on the cake being a new mum comes with a bucket of unexpected responsibility and changes that if you don’t have enough support the whole situation can be negatively overwhelming.

Here are just some of the things that other mums the doctor or even your family members might have omitted but they happen to every mother out there.

Here is what you should expect as a first-time mum.

  • Low milk production – from interactions with other mums during clinics or even at work and day to day life, it has come to my attention that most mum struggle with both breastfeeding and milk production at least for the first three days, this comes as a major concern but it’s very normal because the body does not snap immediately to it after delivery you need to make the baby suckle continuously to trigger the milk and feed well especially taking hot liquids and within a week the journey will be a smooth one. You can read more tips here > Simple Diet Tips For Breastfeeding Mums.
  • Change In Sleep Routine – we all know that we work during the day and sleep during the night, but that is no longer the case after you get your baby. Due to trouble in adjusting to the outside world from the womb, many infants don’t sleep at night and even to make it more disturbing they opt to cry at this time mostly, so as a new mum you should brace yourself for it, but the best tip I can share with you is, since you are a stay home for at least 3 to 6 months after delivery you should be keen and observe your baby’s schedule and in return take advantage of it. Once they sleep be it in the morning hours or in the afternoon once they sleep you should sleep as well and in return, if they decide to be stubborn at night it will be bearable for you but this stop after 3 to 4 months in most baby’s.
  • Your Body Goes Back To Its Usual Form – although not much on the physical side, the thing you should know is that your body resumes into the previous state meaning, talking from my experience with the nine months I had completely forgotten about my menses but helloooo that comes back after you deliver, although the time at which they become regular or even return varies, eventually you hormones stabilize and you start receiving monthly, this brings up the issue of family planning because after six weeks you might not be receiving your menses but ovulation goes back to normal and you might even conceive again. So it’s advised you decided on a method that works for you and is safe for breastfeeding mums after the six weeks.
  • You Might Lose Your Friends – yes mum that’s another thing that the world might not prepare you for, but for sure once you become a mother most probably most of your friends might not relate with your life henceforth cause priorities to change as well. So if you stay for weeks months or even months without hearing from some of the people that you tagged as your closest just take it, easy mum, it’s very normal and instead take it positively by investing your time and energy to the baby and those who matter but of course the real once will stick around hah.

After evaluating the changes that come after being a mother I came up with the most common things that I noticed and heard other new mums talk about on the changes that no one prepared them for, and I saw it best to share with other mums so that we can know that it’s all normal and everyone experiences it all you have to do is focus on growing yourself positively so that you can be the best mum to the young one and eventually you will adapt to the changes. Hope some of you can relate to this and that it will be of help to those who are mothers to be.

Welcome to mummy's aware blog, here I share my experience in this motherhood journey, and we will have lots of fun through tips and stories on how motherhood is enjoyable(not forgetting the highs and lows), and also discover the unending learning that comes with it. Let's enjoy the journey together.

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