Prenatal Clinics: Importance of Prenatal Clinics for Pregnant women

Prenatal clinics are vital for your well being and the well-being of your pregnancy. Generally, this is a very confusing time especially to first-time moms, when the pregnancy results turn positive.

You become confused trying to find out which step to take next for the baby’s well being. Prenatal clinics should be one of the most important things you should consider enrolling for.

Importance Of Attending Prenatal Clinics.

Well, prenatal clinics should never be optional whether in planned or unplanned pregnancies. Reason being the first blood tests done during the visits are very important because the doctors test things like your blood levels and whether you might be having HIV or other blood transfusion diseases to keep the baby safe from them.

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Also, they get to tell if you have any chronic illnesses history from your family, this is a good thing because if any, the baby can be prevented from them through medication that you might be given if need be.

Apart from the blood tests urine tests comes in handy to confirm that you are free from any UTIs, STIs or STDs that might as well affect the baby, if any of this is found you are given remedies to treat and prevent them from affecting the baby especially STDs which can have very serious effects on the unborn baby.

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In addition to the tests you are given supplements to help boost your immunity and things like folic which really help in the early stages of the babies development that is the brain and the spinal cord, this means that the earlier the better for the baby to be on the safe side and avoid preventable things like spina bifida and other syndrome-related diseases.

prenatal clinics

Why antenatal clinics are crucial

Your weight and blood pressure are also important things that are monitored during the visits, on the weight the doctors monitor if you are adding in a normal rate or losing weight which can be alarming, while on the blood pressure they measure if the pressure is normal and safe in your journey and this also determines how you should be handled during delivery.

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Since the baby’s health comes first we see that according to the mentioned benefits of antenatal clinics it’s good to attend them as soon as you know you are expecting, also it is even better to take your partner with you since some blood tests are done on them especially to determine if your “rhesus factor is compatible”(important topic for another day) and also their HIV status.

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In conclusion after the first antenatal clinic, you need to check in for the others lined up in your card by the doctor mostly they are done monthly. This is basically to follow up on the weight and the progress of your journey and also in between the scans are included that is both the gender scan (optional) and scans checking the baby’s growth and position as the due date nears.

So mums let’s embrace the clinics for the safety of the baby and also our well being and enlighten each other on its importance.

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