How To Go About Morning Sickness During Pregnancy.

Lets begin with the fact that finding out that you are pregnant is usually the best news ever, then from there all you think and imagine of is how the whole journey will be like most of all that feeling of “am going to accomplish all the fantasies I had about pregnancy during this journey” well it’s all about being happy and looking forward to a smooth ride henceforth and morning sickness is not even part of your thoughts on this journey.

But two weeks later or so you start feeling uneasy and kind of sickly, funny enough this thing called “morning sickness” kicks in after you confirm that you are actually pregnant. Even though you are a month gone most probably there are no symptoms until you confirm the results.

First things first simply because the early pregnancy symptoms are called morning sickness, it does not mean that they only come in the morning, these symptoms can kick in any time of the day but mostly in the morning or early evening.

Common Symptoms Of Morning Sickness.

The most common symptoms are vomiting, nausea and excess saliva, and even before we continue its good to note that some women are lucky enough not to experience any of the mentioned while some experience all of them.

Although this morning sickness, in general, can be manageable at times it can get out of hand, and talking from a personal experience this stage is normally very stressful and at times discouraging, fast forward to my personal experience, with my first pregnancy I went through it and it was giving me a hard time because it was a combination of nausea, vomiting and excess saliva hence spitting all the time huh.

I can say I managed and made it through but with my second pregnancy that is where the whole thing proved otherwise because my vomiting was so bad and most of all nausea dominated the whole experience, meaning I would vomit anything that goes in my mouth within minutes, also I could hardly take in anything because of the thought that I would end up vomiting which was not a good experience, that is when I started to think twice about my situation bearing in mind that I was carrying this special baby who needs a lot from me in the first development stages while in the womb.

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