Family Planning Methods For Breastfeeding Mums.

What Is Family Planning??

Although the question sounds rhetoric, it is of importance that we all understand what is family planning, since in most cases it is seen as an art or a practice that only women should do (a story for another day).

Well, family planning is the practice of controlling the number of children one has and the intervals or gap between them.

Importance of family planning.

Family planning has lots of advantages most of them rotating on an economical measure as listed below.

  • One can get children depending on how well abled you are – this simply means that you have the [power to dictate the number of kids that you can cater for within your means.
  • It helps in controlling intervals within which your kids are born – unlike before with family planning you can leave a favorable gap between your desired number of children.
  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies – once you are under family planning you are almost sure that you are safe from unwanted pregnancy depending on the effectiveness of the method that you decide to use.

The above are just but a few of the advantages of family planning but let us get on today’s main topic on family planning.

suitable family planning methods for breastfeeding mums.

Well, being on family planning is one thing and being under family planning as a nursing mum is another, based on experience this is the most skeptical decision that one has to make especially when putting the baby into consideration.

The major worry is always whether you will interfere with milk production as well as whether you can pass some effects on the baby. But not to worry today I will share with you the most favorable methods that are proven to be effective for breastfeeding mums.

1: Using a condom – this might seem basic but it comes in handy since it does not interfere with your hormones in any way.

2: IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) insertion – unlike pills and injections this method is proven to be none hormonal so its one of the most effective and has fewer side effects.

3: Use of progesterone only pills – I know this sounds too scientific but when you visit your clinical officer he or she can suggest and even explain more on progesterone only pills, injection or implant. But if I may go into details a little most hormonal family planning methods contain both estrogen and progesterone, but estrogen can cause a decrease in milk production while progesterone can lead to even more milk production basically that’s the logic.

Hope this was informative always remember to share with a friend because information is power. #Mummysaware.

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