Cracked Nipples Treatment.

Cracked nipples are always an issue to mums especially for first-time mothers and it usually happens a few days after you start breastfeeding.

Causes of cracked nipples.

Cracked nipples for breastfeeding mums are always as a result of dryness, mostly this is caused by the strong sucking pressure, stretching and pulling the nipple the friction and rubbing of skin to skin. This happens if your milk supply is low because the baby struggles to suckle which makes him or her use excess pressure.

Other causes may include harsh cleansing, poor breastfeeding positions or skin conditions.

Most women experience the cracked nipples when they start breastfeeding and the biggest question is whether one should continue breastfeeding if you have cracked nipples. Well, most doctors recommend that you should continue breastfeeding if the pain is tolerable.

Cracked nipples during breastfeeding mean that there is a problem with positioning and latching and education on proper latching and positioning can help solve this.

Simple natural ways for cracked nipples treatment include:

Unless the cracked nipples are as a result of skin conditions it is always easy to treat them at home and below I have shared few natural tips that worked for me.

1: Saltwater rinse after nursing.

Although this might be a bit irritating especially if the nipples have deep cracks, it is a very good way to sanitize the cracks naturally and putting you at low risk of infection.

2: Keep the nipples exposed to air.

When free in the house you should avoid bras so that the nipples can get enough air which allows the cracks to dry even faster, unlike when they are held airtight by the bra.

3: Apply pure petroleum jelly.

Once the wounded nipple area is cleansed with salty water and you should apply pure petroleum jelly that helps in making the dry skin less painful while it is pilling out during the healing process. But when breastfeeding the baby always remember to wipe the nipples clean with warm water before the baby starts to latch.

4: Maintain proper hygiene.

You should always observe personal hygiene by wearing clean and soft bras and changing your bras every day. Always remember to clean the bras with mild detergents which are not harsh to the skin.

5: Excercise proper latching.

Lack of using the proper latching method is always the major cause of cracked nipples, you should enhance this by making sure that the baby has the entire nipple and part of your breast in his mouth, you will even discover by doing this the baby will latch well and get enough milk.

In conclusion, you can always be sure that cracking of the nipples is normal especially when you start breastfeeding and you can treat them naturally by yourself. But if the symptoms exceed and become worse you should see a doctor the same applies if you are sure that the cause of the cracks is a skin problem.

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