Choosing Between Raising Your Baby And Work.

Hello there, hope the going is great and you are an aware mummy from all the posts I have been sharing with you. But today its a different day with a different feel because its not always about the tips and how to deal with staff as a mother, that is why I have decided to share on this topic which is so close to my heart that is choosing between raising your baby and work and I know it also affects many women out here as well.

Let me get to it with the fact that you never know how deep and far the attachment you have with your baby goes until you are on the last month of your leave and you begin contemplating on the possibility of leaving your little one under someone else care especially for first time mums, I mean who could possibly feed him or her to satisfaction if not you, who can take off their diaper in time with love like you do, who can mind their cry every now and then even if its not a serious one if not you, all these things start haunting you when you think of it but as they say what exceeds a mothers love.

Wait not until that moment that you are almost accepting facts and you are ready to take the thought in and the usual horror stories of nannies mistreating small kids hits the screen, these stories have become so common that you trust almost no one who calls themselves a caregiver to children it shatters most mums down and even have made many of them lose their carriers and opt to raise their kids first before they go back to work again at list for three years or so while some decide to be stay at home mums fully.

But come to think of it from a different perspective, be you a self-employed mum or you work for someone else, what benefits do work bring along in your life. We have to overcome our fears and focus on positivity. Being a mum and out of experiencing this face let me share some insights that might help you view the whole thing in a different way.

How to overcome the fear of choosing between raising your baby and work.

1: Be positive minded – as much as the nanny dramas are always there, listen more to success stories from mums who have had theirs for years and borrow tips from there. But if you are the type who have close relatives who are always ready to help and take care of the baby the better and always be grateful for that.

2: Focus on your personal growth – before you discover what getting out of that house for a minute and focusing on other things regarding business and career means, you will never see the beauty of a working mum. The fact that you can think of what to put on to work tomorrow, keep yourself tidy and ready for another new day makes you grow as a person. You even won’t notice how you are burning that baby fat without stress also you become more creative and your baby can have someone to look up to when they grow up.

3: Think beyond today’s challenge’s – take it this way, kids grow very fast and if you choose between raising them and your career what will you be doing after they turn three years old and above and finally join school?? Remember that by then what you were perfect in career-wise will have already been errased by the mind relaxation that comes with being at home, also trends and technics in your career partern will have changed so if you are not carefull you may start hating on yourself because you cannot get a job since all you had was washed away during the child upbringing stage. It is therefore good to see beyond todays laugh and comfort which might cause you more harm in the future.

4: Be outspoken – most mum kill themselves from inside by not sharing on what they think, dont be one of them. Talk out about this issues and fears that you have about leaving your baby behind for work, with your close friends and family and listen to what they have to say about it, most of them will probably show you on how importnat it is to continue working even after getting the baby because the benefits are more than the cons, also if you are employed talk with your employer so that they can give you flexible timings for work since they understand your situation and if they are good enough to do it make the best out of it and dont dissapoint them.

The list might go on and on but the bottomline is that way your scale and lean on the most positive side, ofcus that extra cash exposure and experience that comes with you being a working mum will make you more proud of yourself and even make your kids respect you more for being a good example of what hard work means.

But when it comes to the extreem side dont opt for work and leave your baby with people you cannot trust always make sure your baby is comfortable being left behind and the rest will fall in place.

Hope this was helpful keep it here for more as we encourage each other on this motherhood journey.

Welcome to mummy's aware blog, here I share my experience in this motherhood journey, and we will have lots of fun through tips and stories on how motherhood is enjoyable(not forgetting the highs and lows), and also discover the unending learning that comes with it. Let's enjoy the journey together.

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