Child Constipation.

What is child constipation?

Well in general child constipation or constipation in adults is when there is difficulty in emptying the bowel, and it is usually associated with hardened feces.

This problem is very common in baby’s and once in a while, you are likely to experience it with your child as a mum. But not to worry am here with the tips on how to manage it.

Signs of child constipation include:

Before I go into the signs of constipation in babies, it is good to note that when you are exclusively breastfeeding the baby might go a day without a bowel movement and this is very normal don’t confuse it to constipation.

In most cases, constipation occurs when the baby is introduced to weaning and some of the signs are.

  • Straining – Constipated babies normally produce very hard and clay-like stool. This makes them strain when passing it out and you might notice the baby is straining through making some sounds as if they are trying to push something out.


  • Blood in the stool – The pushing that is triggered by the hard stool may cause the stool to come out with some bright red blood indicating that the baby is constipated and experiencing difficulties while emptying the bowel. The blood is from the tears on the anal walls a something that happens when the baby is trying to push the stool out. 
  • Firm Belly – You can easily notice that the baby is constipated if they have a tough tummy, this is caused by bloating and constipation pressure.
  • Refusing to eat – Just like an adult, the baby loses appetite if he or she is constipated especially because of the bloating and the growing discomfort.
  • Infrequent bowel movement – I know most mums monitor their babies and can tell how many times they pass the stool in a day, at times if this reduces or even the baby ends up not passing any stool out it means they might be constipated.

Although constipation is normal once you notice that your baby is suffering from it, you should try to help them, to relieve the discomfort.

NB: if the natural home remedies don’t work you should see a doctor immediately.

The best child constipation relief includes.

  1. Giving the baby enough water – unless the baby is on exclusive breastfeeding you should give them enough water especially between feeds or frequently throughout the day.
  2. Adding olive oil to the baby’s water that is they are already constipated, this helps a lot in digestion.
  3. Holding the baby upright and massaging their lower back while they strain can help ease the discomfort.
  4. Apply a little petroleum Jelly around baby’s anal area and ride “bicycle motion” with baby’s leg when he is straining to pass the stool.
  5. If you feed on a formula you can ask the doctor for advice on whether to stop if it is the one affecting the baby.
  6. Massage your baby’s belly using three fingers and avoid pressure by doing it gently, this should be done for about three minutes.
  7. Use pureed foods especially to the newly weaning babies, this helps in easing the digestion process especially with solids and some fruits. But for babies who are past the weaning stage, you should give them foods with fiber and roughages to help in digestion.

It is good to note that constipation is common when the baby is introduced to solids if you notice certain food causes it frequently especially cereals you can opt to stop until later.

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