7 Best Prenatal Supplements

What are prenatal Supplements?

Prenatal supplements are Vitamins that contains both minerals and Vitamins needed before and during pregnancy. They aid in boosting pregnant women immunity and promotes the development of baby’s teeth and bones.

Sources of supplements

Most vitamins are found in natural foods and fruits but to boost their efficiency during pregnancy below are most common supplements given or prescribed by doctors during pregnancy to enhance a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

1: Iron

Iron helps move oxygen from your lungs to baby’s body and the rest of your body. Taking iron based supplements can help prevent iron deficiency anemia, a condition that can cause extreme fatigue and other symptoms.

2: Folic Acid

In early development stages of the baby, folic acid helps in forming the neutral tube. It also helps to prevent major birth defects of the baby’s brain and spine.

3: Iodine

Iodine helps in general growth of the baby especially the brain. Apart from the tablet, pregnant women should take foods which has large amounts of iodine e.g. Fish, Eggs and Sea food.

Prenatal Supplements
Prenatal supplements

4: Vitamin D

This supplement improves Maternal Vitamin D status during pregnancy. It reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia, low birth weight and preterm birth.

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5: Calcium

 Calcium supplements helps generally in keeping the bones strong.

6: Vitamin B12

This supplement complement Folic Acid in helping prevent birth defects such as Spina Bifida and others that affect the central nervous system.

7: Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids supplement help majorly in preventing preterm labor and delivery, lower the risk of pre-eclampsia and may increase birth weight.

Deficiency of the Vitamin may increase mother’s risk of depression.

 In conclusion, prenatal supplements should be taken even before one becomes pregnant to enhance their efficiency for a healthy baby and mother.

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