10 Best diaper brands in Kenya: What’s best for your baby?

Today we investigate the best diaper brands in Kenya to establish what is best for your baby. Days are gone when changing babies was a messy job and involved buying as many nappies as possible. Pamper was the first diaper brand in Kenya which promised mums better nights and babies comfort. For a long time, the Pampers brand has been synonymous with diapers.

Actually, most people to date call all diapers pampers. Fast forward to present day, there are several diaper brands for mums to choose from in the market, all promising better products but not all of them live up to their promise.

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I have personally bought diapers that have frustrated me and others that have made my mothering life altogether worthwhile and fulfilling.

That is why I want to share with you some of the best baby diaper brands that you should opt for. When it comes to children, you should not take shortcuts and only the best should be given.

As such our list is made up of some of the best diaper brands which are not only quality but also economical.

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The last thing you want is to buy a medium pack for Ksh1000 only to realize that every single diaper leaks poop and pee to baby’s clothes.

Best diaper brands in Kenya for your Baby

Here is the list of leading diaper brands in Kenyan according to preference

  1. Softcare baby Diapers:| Best diaper brands in Kenya

Best baby diapers in KenyaI have had different options to choose from and softcare has been one of my best diaper brands. Over the years softcare has really improved on the quality of their diapers and I am quite impressed with the product they have achieved.

Their diaper lasts long and even after baby has peed or pooped on it, it retains the contents without compromising the integrity and size of the diaper. The textures they have used to make the diaper are also carefully selected and very soft for baby’s skin.

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 With softcare diapers, you will never experience some disturbing problems like rashes or irritation since the diaper is very absorbent. I also find the price of softcare to be sensibly placed since it’s a product that delivers its promise.

2. Pampers baby diapers:| Best diaper brands in Kenya

Best baby diapers in KenyaPampers is perhaps the most popular diaper brand in Kenya since it was the first one of its kind. You know what they say, “it doesn’t matter if you are the best.

It only matters if you are the first.” Pampers being the first popular diaper brand in Kenya has had a reputation to defend and they have improved their product significantly since it launched.

Back then, people used to complain of leakages, coarse texture of the diaper and not mentioning the unaccommodative pricing.

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Today, pamper is still one of the best diaper brands although its pricing is still unforgiving. They, however, have various packages for different economic classes.

3. Huggies baby Diapers:| Best diaper brands in Kenya

Best baby diapers in KenyaI may look like I am speaking highly about Huggies diapers but it was a game changer in the diaper business. Huggies baby diapers were designed to give your baby a comfortable fit which other diapers were not offering back then.

The diaper came with features like leak lock which prevented the diapers from leaking and gave leak protection for 12 hours.

The diaper also has a wetness indicator that is handy in telling when the right time to change your baby is. Huggies is one of the most convenient diaper brands going in third place on our list.

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4. Molfix baby diapers:| Best diaper brands in Kenya

Molfix is an Egyptian brand that entered the Kenyan market a few months ago but it’s already creating a storm.

Best baby diapers in KenyaI had to test out this new brand and I was quite impressed with the results. The packaging may not be one of the most appealing in the market but how they manage to pack so many diapers in a small package I can’t tell.

The diapers are relatively soft, leak-proof and sensibly priced for the average Kenyan mum. I believe it can be an equal alternative to softcare but you may have your preferences different.

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5. Kisskids Baby Diapers

Best baby diapers in KenyaOne of the latest additions to the market is Kisskids with comes with a promise of no rashes. Kisskids is particularly popular due to its affordability and availability in shops.

For some big brands, you have to make a trip to the supermarket. Kisskids has adopted a completely different strategy and their diapers can be found in local shops.

The diaper has a clean appeal especially due to its white color, its leak-proof, affordable and comes with a no-rashes guarantee.

6. Snuggles Diapers:| Best diaper brands in Kenya

Best baby diapers in KenyaSnuggles diapers feature a longer dry layer for all night protection, they are super absorbent.

The diapers have a cloth-like breathable cover that is soft to your baby’s soft skin. They have a stretchy waistband for active play.

7. Prettybaby diapers

Sometimes duty calls when you do not have cash in your pocket. When baby runs out of diapers and I am on a tight budget, prettybaby has always been my go-to brand.

Best baby diapers in Kenya

It is by far the cheapest brand I have bought for baby and it gets the job done quite well. I think prettybaby is an underestimated brand because there are times I fail to see any difference between it and Pampers.

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8. Bouncy Diapers:| Best diaper brands in Kenya

Best baby diapers in KenyaBouncy Diapers have a special wet indicator, they have super absorbency top sheet to keep baby fresh and dry for a long time. They are manufactured by Interconsumer Products Limited. They are available in 3 different sizes.


9. Nipnap Baby Diapers

With over 20 brands to choose from, Kenyan mothers are indeed spoilt for choice when it comes to baby diaper brands.

Best baby diapers in Kenya

Nipnap happens to be among the top 10 diaper brands that I would recommend to a mother out there. Nipnap promises longer, fresh and dry nights for you and your baby with its super absorbent diapers.

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10. Phoenix baby diapers:| Best diaper brands in Kenya

Best baby diapers in Kenya

Final in our list is the Phoenix baby diapers brand. I have not bought the diapers personally so I won’t go into details of how well the diapers will serve you but I have heard a lot of positive comment from mothers saying they have not had any trouble with phoenix diapers. So I believe it should be in your list of best diaper brands in Kenya for baby.



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